Clarion's full digital sound system for car use

Clarion wins Europe’s EISA Award for on-board full digital sound system

Clarion announced that it has won EISA’s European In-Car Innovation 2016-2017 award for its on-board full digital sound system which is used for cars all over the world.

The EISA Award is judged by 50 noted head editors and technical editors from audio, visual and camera magazines from 23 countries in Europe affiliated with the European Imaging and Sound Association. They choose from among audio and visual products sold in Europe from the last year the best product or technology for the award.

Clarion’s product won the wared because of its high-quality and faithful reproduction of sound; its combination of high output that’s 4 times that of current full digital sound systems and low power consumption that’s 1/5 that of an analog system; latest DSP technology; multi-purpose external audio device; and high level of versatility.

(Translated by Greg Scott)