Mazda CX-3

Recall: Mazda issues recall over Skyactiv-D ECU defect

On September 1, Mazda issued a recall for the CX-3 over a defect in the engine system’s computer (ECU) with the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

The recall applies to three models, the Mazda CX-3, Demio and Axela. It applies to 117,030 vehicles built from August 5, 2014, to August 8, 2016.

The issue behind the recall is that some models have their Skyactiv-D diesel engine ECU’s air intake system improperly installed. This could cause some part of the fuel inside the cylinder to become too thick, which could result in a great deal of soot when burned. As a result, when the exhaust valve is opened, soot could accumulate around the ventilation valve guide. The valve could then become responsive, resulting in poor acceleration or excessive vibration in the car’s body. In a worst case scenario, the engine could suddenly die.

As a fixative measure, all cars are getting their system program repaired and accumulated soot is being removed from the injector and the area around the exhaust valves.

There have been 846 reported cases of the defect and no accidents reported.

(Translated by Greg Scott)