Kenwood DRV-410D

Kenwood Releases Drive Recorder For Automotive Market With Standard Support For Parking

Kenwood will release a standard drive recorder, the DRV-410D, in mid-August to specific markets.

This new product constitutes a drive recorder aimed consumer vehicles, leased vehicles, and rental cars. Utilizing high quality CMOS sensors, the device allows for high resolution recording at 3M (23014×1296), allowing for detailed, crisp documenting license plates, road signs, and video while driving.

Furthermore, the recorder also comes with warning functions allowing for warnings to be sounded in the event of front end collision, drivers straying out of lane, and late takeoff. In addition to this, and standard inclusion with the recorder is power cables to be mounted to the vehicle, allowing for video recording while the car is parked over long periods of time.

The price has yet to be set for the product.

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]