Nissan BladeGlider Prototype

Is The Nissan Sport EV BladeGlider Targeting The Market?

Nissan released their newest prototype, the concept car EV sports car BladeGlider, on 4 August in Brazil. The car is attracting attention for several improved aspects of the vehicle not present on the model shown off 3 years ago that seem to be more attuned to the automotive market.

The BladeGlider was first shown to the public at the fall 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. In the nearly three years since the reveal, this newest prototype is turning heads with it dihedral, high waisted rear hinged doors. Not only providing riders with dramatic exits, the open roof is reinforced with rollover protection, providing the safety of a coupe along with the high end sense of an open top racer.

The interior utilizes four pronged seatbelts, further attributing the sense of sportiness to the vehicle. The seats that support both the lower back and legs utilizes material that helps prevent slippage and by simplifying their design, seating has been improved in terms of comfort and stability.

Two types of trim are available, in cyber green and stealth orange. By molding silver, reflective material into the tops of seatbacks as well as other areas, the car provides a very sporty external appearance. Using a black pattern for the seat base, green or orange trim is used to mold the cushions.

The driver’s seat provides a large amount of leg room despite the arrowhead like design of the body, and the cockpit utilizes window screen with no splices. All seats provide a panoramic view outside the vehicle. The custom steering controller, includes a cutting edge display that provides information on remaining battery power, speed, regenerative mode, and torque map. Also, screens placed on both sides of the center display provide feed for the diagonal angles off the front wheels, with these cameras and displays functioning as the side mirrors, further improving the aerodynamic qualities of the vehicle.

Carlos Ghosn of Nissan commented that “With this project, we are attempting to not only pursue a more enjoyable driving experience, but also build a vehicle that upholds and expands on Nissan’s intelligent mobility stance and recognizes our responsibility to make an environmentally-friendly car.”

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]