Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf sales up nearly 60% in January to May

Sales of Nissan’s Leaf EV have been particularly favorable in Norway. On June 24, Nissan Europe published its sales figures for January to May 2016 and reported 58.7% year-on year growth with 2,450 units sold.

Norway is known as the most receptive European country towards EVs. EV car purchases are exempt from value-added taxes and automobile taxes. The country is also making progress on creating an EV infrastructure.

There were 2,450 Leaf sales in Norway from January to May 2016. It is Norway’s 3rd best-selling passenger car. At the beginning of this year, a new version with its battery capacity expanded to 30kWh capable of running a maximum distance of 250km on one charge was released. According to Nissan Europe, this new model is very popular in Norway.

Nissan Europe EV director Gareth Dunsmore said, “Norway is spearheading the switch to sustainable mobility, and we’re delighted that the Nissan LEAF continues to be ranked as one of the most popular vehicles in the country.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)