Nissan Leaf (US model)

Nissan Leaf, the only Japanese EV in demand in the US; May results

The sales results for the Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi i-MiEV in the US market for May 2016 have been announced by the respective automakers.

According to the results announced by Nissan North America, sales of the Nissan Leaf in the US suffered a significant decline of 53.5% from the previous year, to 979 units.

In 2015, the Leaf recorded 17,269 units in sales for the US market, which was a 42.8% drop and a shift to a deficit from the year before. With the release of its updated EV model on hold, sales of the Leaf took a fall in 2015.

Meanwhile, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV sold 2 units in May, which was a decline of more than 90% from the 18 vehicles sold in the previous year. In 2015, sales of the i-MiEV amounted to 115 units (down 41.3% yoy) in the US, as it continued to suffer a substantial drop. The i-MiEV was released to the US market in December 2011.

Moreover, the Toyota RAV4 EV, which was released in the US back in September 2012, sold just 18 units (down 98.5% yoy) in 2015, resulting in a discontinuance of sales. In the same year, the Honda Fit EV, released in July 2012, sold only 1 unit (down 99.8% yoy). Sales of the Fit EV have also been discontinued in the US.

In essence, sales of Japanese electric vehicles in the US have been limited to just one model, the Nissan Leaf. In contrast, the Tesla Model S, Volkswagen e-Golf, and the Chevrolet Spark EV have all expanded in sales.