Hi-Fidelity and High Performance Sound – A Look at Pioneering Car Audio Brand Bewith’s New 2016 Models

Let’s continue the previous article’s look at Japanese premium car audio brand Bewith’s product development philosophy. We’ll do this by looking at the fruits of the company’s philosophy in its various product lines. Let’s take a straightforward look at the advantages and special qualities of each model released in 2016.

“Confidence III Speaker Series”

The latest in the Confidence III flagship speaker series, released in February 2016, consists of four products, the Confidence III 13cm separate 2way system, C-50III 5cm wide range tweeter, C-130III 13cm mid-woofer, and C-180III 18cm sub-woofer.

Confidence was Bewith’s first product and it made its debut in 2002. It evolved further into its second generation model, Confidence II, released in 2011. It evolved again with the current model, but has never strayed from its original design concept as the world’s first and only all-PPC eccentric cone speaker.

The aim of the Confidence speaker series has never changed since its initial release. It has always sought the most faithful and highest degree of high-fidelity sound reproduction. This aim includes achieving a unified sound quality over the entire frequency range, control of directionality, and a flat, smooth frequency response. Bewith aims to create a speaker series its audiophile users can believe in.

The Confidence III series takes a number of special features from the specially tuned second generation model Confidence II Sunrise, such as improvements to diaphragm materials, the Sunrise Red Metal matte finish center cap produced through nano-carbon deposition, C-130III and C-180III with further strengthened magnets through improvements to the magnetic system, and C-130III and C-180III with strengthened damping force based on a voice coil. As a result of these improvements, it offers a crisp and beautiful high range, and a powerful mid- to low-range that is accurate and powerful with keen directional control.

In car audio, it is a given that there will be a difference in the sound when heard in a test room or on a demo board, and when the sound is heard in an actual car. However, Confidence with its PPC cone is the only speaker that can produce a full faithful reproduction of sound even in the car interior environment.

“Accurate III Speaker Series”

The Accurate III series is a high-performance standard speaker that was released in December, 2015. It takes the basic sound concept and technological characteristics of the latest flagship model Confidence III series and offers these at a lower price.

The lineup includes the Accurate III 13cm separate 2-way system, A-50III 5cm tweeter, and A-130III 13cm mid-woofer.

It is the first in the Accurate line to use a third-generation mica compound polymer diaphragm with the same Pearl White coating as the Confidence III series. Parts like the edge and damper that drive the speaker have been given an upgrade to match the quality of the Confidence series. This takes the sound information quantity to another level and produces a sound that’s dynamic and finely detailed. With its frame, which the same Pearl White coating and other features from the Confidence series, the outward appearance is lavish. It was designed not just as an upgrade from the Accurate II, but as a model that can hold its own against the Confidence II as well.

“G-50MG/G-130MG Speaker Grilles and Enclosures”

G-50MG and G-130MG are specialized next-generation grilles and enclosures that use acoustic magnesium compound Magneola rather than the existing models’ die-cast aluminum.

Magneola offers improved vibration absorption performance for higher quality sound, as well as drastically reduced weight (G-50:G-50MG/231g:101g, G-130:G-130MG/185g:123g). G-130MG’s protective bar has also been changed from two to four in order to conform to audio standards set out by EMMA International.

These grilles and enclosures designed for maximum efficiency for Confidence III and Accurate III come in two colors, Pearl White and Jet Black.

“STATE A6R Processor Series”

One of Bewith’s newest products is the STATE A6R series. Its base model, the STATE A6R, was developed based on the STATE A6 multi-processing DAC system. Equipped with extended firmware, its major key characteristic is that it’s a variable digital processer that allows users to put together multiple units to create an ideal system.

The series consists of three products:

– STATE A6R with extended firmware (3-way 6ch stereo that can be used with one unit alone or up to 10)
– STATE A6R DUAL with LR extended firmware (3-way 3ch monaural for left-right complete standalone system or two dual monaural)
– STATE A6R MONO with MONO-SIX extended firmware (1-way 1ch monaural for complete standalone channel system or 6-speaker monoblock)

What’s particularly interesting about the magnetic circuit is Bewith’s original BS04 operational amp. Developed through collaboration with New Japan Radio Co., it has one channel for each analog audio circuit (a total of 6). This allows it to provide even purer sound than before. It also offers special sound quality tuning in every area through features designed for the analog audio circuit like its high polymer film capacitor.

A user can take one STATE A6R as a base and add more STATE processors to the system, thus multiplying the system’s performance ability. Let’s take the equalizer as an example. One STATE A6R has 15 bands for each channel. This gives you a system where you can control a total of 45 independent bands. If you add another 30-band per channel equalizer, you now effectively have a 90-band equalizer.

If you put together six and use them as a 1-way 1ch monaural 3-way system, you have six times the performance ability. If you look at the equalizer bands in the same way, where one channel is 90 bands, you now have 270 individual bands to control.

The STATE A6R series is a processor that thinks outside the box and exemplifies the unique qualities of Bewith. Through combination with the STATE MM-1D mirror audio player, you can create the ultimate digital source unit.

“P-1R Amplifier”

The P-1R flagship power amp offers thorough expressive power and driving force. Through using Magneola acoustic magnesium compound for its body, it is able to reach an extremely low weight of 645g. Its proprietary low heat generation and low power consumption technology allows it to dispense with the cooling fins.

Through the introduction of a high capacity electrolysis condenser, it uses newly developed electrical parts that dramatically raise the speed of attack and the power of low tones. It is a discrete power amp circuit based on the traditional air circuit concept that places sound quality as first priority. The unique sound it offers is the result of using the absolute best components, such as the BSZ1 acoustic IC operational amp, which was developed in collaboration with New Japan Radio Co., and the MUSES7001 high-capacity acoustic silicon-carbide diode.

From early on, Bewith has always chosen monoblock for its power amp. A monaural amp is the best choice for analog amplification with its excellent fidelity and sound quality, especially at production sound localization and a stereo effect, all without interfering with the spaces between channels.

This is not the easiest way. This is why, even though it’s obvious, other companies don’t try it. There are high costs and the expectations of buyers are high. However, Bewith single-mindedly embraces the monaural power amp because of its sole aim to get the best sound possible.

“P-100R Amplifier”

The P-100R amplifier was unveiled in February 2016 along with the P-1R and it went on sale in April. The P-100R is an improved version of the previous P-100. It is a compact high-performance monaural power amp that weighs just 497g. It was designed to create a system where there is one amp per channel and one speaker per amp.

The P-100R features a variety of design ideas taken from previous models including the Magneola body, the air circuit concept, and a custom-made transformer designed by combining a low coreless magnet and high-purity anaerobic copper winding. Like the flagship P-1R, it also uses Bewith’s BSZ1 operational amp to create an excellent standard power amp.

Also like the P-1R, it has the deep and brilliant luster of Sunrise Red Clear Gloss for its exterior.

The P-100R is perfect for everything from a 2-way system with a passive crossover network to a full multi-amp system with digital active crossover. It is already earning itself a great reputation for being easy to do and an excellent value.

“V-50R Regulator”

The V-50R audio regulator is a clean and safe power supply that takes car audio sound form its source and improves it.

This audio regulator supplies power to the amp and processor that’s clean, safe, free of noise, and free of voltage fluctuations. The power supply is 600W class. It can supply power to 1 to 6 P-1R power amps. It is also equipped with high-speed switching and current sensing circuits and the next-gen SiC MUSES7001. Furthermore, its Magneola body achieves a particular S/N feeling, and it maximizes the sound quality of the power amp and processor themselves.

Bewith’s audio regulators have earned a reputation for doing what has never been done in terms of sound quality and sound improvement that give them seem almost magical. They are currently used in the industry as a reference point that stresses the need for safety in power supplies.

(Translated by Greg Scott)