Nissan e-NV200

Nissan reduces prices for e-NV200 with entry-level model available from 3,030,000 yen

On June 1, Nissan Motor Company announced that it will reduce its manufacturer’s suggested retail prices for the e-NV200 electric commercial van in Japan.

To offer the e-NV200 for a more affordable price that attracts more customers, Nissan has lowered its prices on all models of their electric commercial van.

Prices for the entry level two-passenger VX Van and VX Route Van have been reduced significantly by 586,440 yen from 3,880,440 yen to 3,294,000 yen. The five-passenger VX Van has been lowered by 465,480 yen from 3,991,680 yen to 3,526,200 yen. The five-passenger G Wagon has been reduced by 183,600 yen from 4,624,560 yen to 4,440,960 yen.

With these revised prices, and inclusion of the clean energy vehicle promotion subsidy of 264,000 yen provided by the Japanese government, the e-NV200 can now be purchased from around 3,030,000 yen.