Bewith Leads the Future of Car Audio with Advanced Technology and a Passion for Sound

Japanese luxury car audio brand Bewith has always searched for new ways to make hi-fi car audio incorporate 21st century concepts and do new things. In this article, we’re going to dig deeper and explain the company’s product development philosophy.


Bewith holds a special place apart from other car audio makers. It thinks outside the box for every product it produces, and each product smashes preconceived ideas about audio. The idea is simply to reproduce sound as faithfully as possible. In order to do this, Bewith incorporates the latest technology available at the time.

In fact, some of its ideas were so unusual at the time that they bordered on heresy.

This was the case with Confidence, the company’s first original speakers which were introduced in 2002. There are three points where Confidence broke out of the mold. The first is that the tweeter and mid-woofer both use the same materials and construction. The second is the all-eccentric cone, which allows users to control the directionality of the diaphragm’s center. The third is that the tweeter can reach below 800Hz.

None of these are easy things to accomplish. For example, Bewith is the only company in the world to put an all-eccentric cone in a unit as small as a 5cm tweeter.

Although revolutionary, at the time when this virtually unknown company released this highly original speaker, it was derided by people who said the company was just showing off. However, from Bewith’s point of view, it was the exact opposite. Bewith had accomplished what it set out to do – to build a speaker that can reproduce sound faithfully in an in-vehicle acoustic environment.

Bewith wasn’t just trying to be unusual or destroy the ordinary. Confidence was built from zero to produce faithful sound based strictly on scientific principles. This is a very difficult approach but it resulted in a speaker that delivers on faithful sound reproduction.


Something similar happened with the Mirror Media MM-1, the company’s first linear PCM player, which it released in 2005.

Mirror Media MM-1 is a player with no rotational mechanism that’s 10 years ahead of its time. At the time when CD players were at their height, car audio main units that used CF cards were seen as a heresy and largely dismissed.

But the Mirror Media MM-1 is another product that was developed scientifically from absolute zero with the simple aim to reproduce sound faithfully and because Bewith felt that car audio needed it. And it naturally took the resulting form.

A CD needs a rotational mechanism to spin the disc so that it can be read. This can lead to reading errors, skipping and other problems. For this reason, it’s not suitable for car audio. Bringing a large number of CDs into the car is extremely inconvenient. In addition, in recent years there has been an increase in unusually-shaped instrument panels, which makes it hard to exchange the main unit. Bewith tried to build a car audio main unit that produces excellent sound and is suitable for in-vehicle use, and the natural result was Mirror Media MM-1

Car audio lovers who care deeply about the sound quality of their systems love Bewith’s products and their support has allowed the brand to spread.

The company has also received an excellent reputation from trusted car audio media. Confidence won first place in Auto Sound’s (Stereo Sound) “The Best Buy 2002-2003” speaker category (over 100000 yen) for 4 straight years. Sound Up (Kotsu Times) gave it first place for its “2003 Component Best Buy” Front Stage division for 6 straight years.

Mirror Media MM-1 also won the Innovation Award for the Vehicle Audio Electronics category at International CES 2006 in Las Vegas, in January, 2006. Furthermore, in 2010, Confidence Bianco Fuji won the European EISA Award not only for its sound but for its high sales. This recognition shows that Bewith’s products are maintaining an unshakeable foothold in Japan and all over the world.

The recognition that these products reproduce sound faithfully and accurately has led to their spread and acceptance.


One more key point for Bewith is that its products are “made in Japan.” In order to create products from scratch that faithfully reproduce sound, you need a good connection with the best material makers, parts makers and researchers.

Bewith actively works with each company involved in its product development to create a spirited collaboration where each company takes it upon itself to carry out projects internally to meet Bewith’s aims. Through these collaborations, Bewith manages to build products with its own high-quality proprietary parts, which are all made in Japan.

The utmost priority in Bewith’s product development is sound, not cost. In order to develop products through rational verification and scientific analysis, products are designed through repeated on-board testing.

For example, Bewith developed an operational amplifier in collaboration with New Japan Radio Co. which it then turned into its BEWITHSTATE processor, which was released in 2010. It is totally unheard-of for a car audio maker to collaborate in development at the operational amplifier stage.

Its Accurate A-110S II power amp, which was released in 2012, was the first to use Magneola acoustic-use magnesium alloy as a material for its cabinets. This alloy was developed in collaboration with various companies and research institutions. Magnesium has an ideal balance of sound performance in terms of factors such as rigidity, internal loss, and electromagnetic wave isolation because it is a middle-weight practical metal. However, due to its high cost and the extreme difficulty of manufacturing it, there has never even been one maker who has used it for materials before. Bewith, however, went through great pains and financial investment to work together with research institutions to make it a practical option.


In February 2014, Bewith unveiled a monumental leap forward – a full system that was the fruit of 12 years of technological development called the Bewith Royal Ensemble. It is a super hi-fi sound system that is without limits and truly in a class of its own. The heart of the system is the AZ-1CC Sunrise, a special version of its AZ-1 digital processor, which allows it to faithfully reproduce sound accurately.

The sound this system produces puts together perfectly the density and voluptuous sound that is the hallmark of the AZ-1 with the information capacity and signal-to-noise ratio of the modern digital STATE processor. It produces excellent silence and the dynamic range to the initial sound is seamless. The result is the highest peak in car audio, and a peak that even home audio cannot achieve.

Two years after its release, Bewith released Bewith Royal Ensemble II. It seems pretty soon for the next release, but there was good reason. The reason is that Bewith had just completed construction of an innovative new unit that could create the perfect car audio system.

This unit is the State A6R Mono (multiprocessing DAC system), which Bewith developers used to achieve a one-way one-channel monaural configuration. The main merit of this system layout is that you can get the best possible channel separation.

As for the music you hear with this system, the resolution and signal-to-noise ration are both outstanding. The sound’s density is thick and when there is no signal, there’s absolute silence.

Bewith Royal Ensemble II showed how to completely surpass the many barriers facing the development of audio products. Bewith’s product development philosophy reached its zenith here.


Bewith is a company with one enthusiastic aim – to constantly push forward in developing products that perfectly reproduce sound. It creates these products by starting at absolute zero, carrying out scientific testing and verification, and working together with companies and researchers so that every proprietary part is “made in Japan.” The result is a lineup that has no match in the world of car audio.

Hopefully by now you’ve gained a thorough understanding of premium car audio brand Bewith’s product development philosophy. Bewith has surpassed each of the obstacles developers face in trying to create the best car audio sound quality possible. It has done this by trying daring methods no other maker has tried before. Keep your eye on Bewith to see what the company comes up with next.

(Translated by Greg Scott)