Nissan e-NV200

Nissan gives Tochigi Prefecture 3-year lease on e-NV200

On March 25, Nissan announce that it will lend an e-NV200 EV to Tochigi Prefecture.

In September last year, Nissan presented the Self-Defense Forces with a 3-year lease on an e-NV200 to help with urban planning and administration. The lease to Tochigi Prefecture is for similar purposes. Nissan began presenting leases to various government agencies in Japan since the end of last year.

Tochigi Prefecture has a plan to encourage the proliferation of EV’s and create the appropriate infrastructure for their proliferation based on its “EV & PHV Town Plan.” As part of this plan, it is promoting its “Smart Village Model Research Project,” which is researching how EV’s can be used for renewable energy by industry, education and government in agricultural areas.

In order to get the most out of the e-NV200’s clean energy, good sound performance and high energy capacity, Tochigi Prefecture plans to use it not only for the collection and shipping of crops, but also as an electric farm-work tool and for opening and closing farm house skylights.

(Translated by Greg Scott)