EN standard lead-acid batteries. From left: LN2, LN1, LN0

GS Yuasa provides all-new Prius with an EN standard lead-acid battery

GS Yuasa announced that their very own LN1 EN standard lead-acid battery will be used by the all-new Toyota Prius as an accessory battery.

The EN standard is a standard that matches the cold climate of Europe and also puts importance on the merits and demerits of CCA, where the startup performance of a lead-acid battery in low temperatures is indicated. The LN1 has been developed to adapt Japan’s climate as climate change progresses, and to comply with JIS, the Japanese specification of the EN standard lead-acid batteries.

Since the all-new Prius features a lower center of gravity to improve the driving performance, this EN standard lead-acid battery is compatible with the lowered vehicle height because it is shorter than the conventional JIS standard battery.

The technology of GS Yuasa’s EN standard lead-acid battery balances the JIS standard’s safety and performance; hence, its LN0 has been equipped to the 2015 Sienta HV, while its LN2 has been equipped to the Alphard/Vellfire HV. GS Yuasa plans to expand its sequential lineup because it is expected that there will be an increased demand for EN standard lead-acid batteries in the Japanese market.

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)