Nissan delivers two e-NV200s to the Palace of Monaco

Nissan delivers e-NV200s to Palace of Monaco

On March 14, Nissan Motor Corporation announced the delivery of a couple of e-NV200s to the Palace of Monaco.

The e-NV200 features an EV powertrain on the NV200 Vanette commercial van. It was released in October 2014 for the Japanese market.

This EV powertrain, which is also featured on the Nissan Leaf, generates 109ps of maximum output and 25.9kgm of maximum torque from its motor. The e-NV200 can be driven for up to 190km on a single recharge of its lithium-ion 24kWh battery.

This time, as part of the estate’s plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Nissan has provided its e-NV200 to the Palace of Monaco.

Nissan Europe’s Chairman, Paul Willcox said, “With the introduction of the Nissan Leaf and e-NV200, we have spearheaded the move towards smarter, greener mobility and we’re delighted that governments and leaders across Europe are switching on to the benefits of all-electric motoring.”