Image of LTE and 5G being used

Denso and Docomo agree to cooperate in research and development of vehicle control systems that use LTE and 5G

In February 22, Denso Corporation and NTT Docomo announced that in order to realize advanced driver assistance and automated driving systems, they agreed to undertake joint research and development of vehicle control systems that use LTE and 5G, which are the next-generation mobile communications system.

Denso has been researching, developing, testing, and evaluating in-vehicle equipment that connects vehicles to the traffic lights, other infrastructures, and other vehicles. Docomo, on the other hand, has been conducting research and development concerning vehicular communication using LTE and 5G to enable vehicles to interact with pedestrians and objects.

The research and development to be conducted this time will combine the vehicle control technology of Denso and the vehicular communication technology of NTT Docomo, aiming to take advantage of the advanced driver assistance and self-driving technology using LTE and 5G. Specifically, they will be evaluated in simulators to verify their performance in helping vehicles safely merge onto expressways and travel through blind intersections in urban areas. It can be expected that high quality and high-speed communication will become possible via LTE and 5G for vehicle communication.

(Translated by Aileen Bolo)