Reroute Anytime function

Navitime adds new voice control function for rerouting to Car Navitime for Android

Navitime Japan launched the “Reroute Anytime” voice control function to the Car Navitime Android OS application.

In this new function, the driver can use its voice function while en route as it enables them to search highway preference or public road preference (free) routes, and it can automatically change the driver’s destination. For example, when the driver is traveling through a highway route and wishes to change to a public road route, and when the driver would say ‘public highway preference’ through the application, it will once again search for routes, and will be guided to public highways later.

Until now, drivers need to manually search for routes from the menu in changing routes while traveling, but through this new function, they can now change routes by simply saying their route preference on the phone. And when the driver says ‘avoid traffic congestion’ while nearing a traffic-congested area through the Car Navitime application on the phone, it will search for routes that do not have a probability of traffic congestion and will immediately take the driver to another route.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)