A self-driving system verification test conducted by Hitachi Automotive

Hitachi Automotive to conduct self-driving verification test at Hitachinaka Road

Hitachi Automotive Systems announced that they will be conducting a verification test for the self-driving system they co-developed with Clarion, a Hitachi Group company, at Hitachinaka Road (Hitachinaka, Ibaraki).

This verification test is Hitachi Automotive’s first public self-driving system testing, and Hitachi Automotive Systems will be conducting this activity as one of the operators who promote near-future technology demonstrations in Ibaraki (robotic verification tests); they will conduct these tests with the support of Ibaraki Prefecture. The verification tests are scheduled from February 22 to 26, 2016.

In this self-driving verification test, which will be conducted in the highway, they will test the sensor fusion that can detect the surroundings of the vehicle within 360 degrees and obtain local information from high-precision maps. Furthermore, it can also automatically change lanes when it detects vehicles near the experimental car, vehicles ahead of it, and vehicles that are following the experimental car. Furthermore, they also plan to gather verification data with several various conditions, such as weather, present condition, sunlight condition and the like.

The sensor fusion is mounted with a front stereo camera, and it is also equipped with Clarion SurroundEye, which has four cameras mounted at the front, back, and sides of the vehicle. All sides of the car are also equipped with four millimeter wave radars. It has an excellent sensing system that can seamlessly detect every direction. Based on the wider range of information integrated from high-precision mapping information in the all-direction sensing, the engine, steering, and brake acceleration, steering control and operation will be automatically integrated through an electric control unit. Therefore, they will verify the Level 2 self-driving system, which is appropriate for highways.

Hitachi Automotive’s self-driving system was organized to centralize the group’s products and technology, such as in-vehicle networks like sensors, actuators, electric control units, human machine interface, high-precision mapping information and the like. This feature enables a highly integrated control system. Through this verification test, they aim to improve safety performance, create a more livable environment, and implement a smooth and pleasant driving operation through self-driving systems.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)