Toyota Prius (US version)

2015 US hybrid sales see Prius at number one again

The sales figures for 2015 for the US’s big three hybrid passenger car makers, Honda, Ford and Toyota, have been published.

According to the figures, the best-selling hybrid in the US again for 2015 was the Toyota Prius series. Total sales were 184,794 units. Without a new model released, this is a year-over-year decrease of 10.9% and marks the 2nd year of losses.

Within the series, the Prius saw a 7.3% drop at 113,829 units, marking its 2nd year of decline. The Prius v sold 28,290, marking an 8% decrease and its 3rd year of declining sales. The Prius c, which was released in March, 2012, saw a drop of 5.1% at 38,484 units sold, marking its 2nd year of decline.

The Camry Hybrid sold 30,640 units, a 22.5% decrease and its 2nd year of decrease as well. For the Lexus brand, models like the CT, GS and RX sold 36,121 units, marking a 14.9% decrease and the 2nd year of decreasing sales.

The Honda Civic Hybrid sold 4,887 last year, marking a 3.6% decline. The CR-Z declined 13.7% at 3,073 units sold. The Insight also saw a decline of 17.4% at 3,956 units, marking its 2nd year of decline. The Accord Hybrid, which saw a new model released in 2013, sold 11,063 units, a decline of 20.8%. For the Acura brand, the RLX Hybrid set a new record with an 88% increase in sales at units.

Ford’s Fusion mid-sized sedan saw a drop of 30% at 26,838 units sold, marking the 2nd year of decrease. The C-Max Hybrid, which was introduced in the fall of 2012, also saw a decline of 27.8% at 15,402 units sold. The Lincoln brand’s MKZ’s sales decreased 14.5% at 9,128 units.

(Translated by Greg Scott)