Bewith’s new Accurate III high-performance standard speaker doesn’t fail to deliver

Japanese car audio brand Bewith, which has made a name for itself by releasing a series of high-end car audio units, has released an all-new high-performance speaker system. The company says that this new system challenges the top speaker models on the market today. Let’s take a closer look at its components and what it can do.

The name of this new product is Accurate III. It was released on the same day as the new flagship Confidence III series.

The first Accurate model made its appearance in 2003 and it evolved into the Accurate II in 2010. This new model appears now after five years of refinement and offers an even higher quality upgrade than the change from I to II.

Before we get into where and how the system changed, let’s look at the Accurate III lineup. It includes:

– Accurate III 13cm separate 2-way system – 180,000 yen
– A-50III 5cm wide-range tweeter – 80,000 yen per pair
– A-130III 13cm mid-woofer – 80,000 yen per pair

Every component has been changed except for the 18cm sub-woofer, which is the same product used in the Accurate II series, released in 2012.

Even though Accurate III sells at a much lower price than the top-end Confidence III series, by all appearances it is a high-end product. The diaphragm and frame’s special Pearl White surface treatment is the same as that of Confidence II, and except for the different center cap color, it gives the same impression as Confidence III and like Confidence III, it also offers an extremely high level of satisfaction.

In fact, the diaphragm materials and the edge and damper have been given an upgrade to put them on par with the Confidence. It is the first in the Accurate grade to use a special mica compound polymer surface treatment that gives it improved rigidity and lighter weight while also increasing internal loss.

Aside from the magnetic circuit, including basket construction and mid-woofer magnet, the quality is largely the same as the Confidence II. For the mid-woofer magnet, Confidence III uses neodymium while Accurate III uses ferrite. Confidence II is a 13cm separate 2-way system that is 440,000 yen not including tax. The Accurate III series has many parts that are on par with those of the Confidence II but at a lower price, making it quite a bargain.

Along with the changes in the diaphragm and key parts like the damper and edge that drive the speaker, the magnetic circuit has been fine tuned. In order to get the best sound quality performance in the Accurate grade’s history, repeated tests and listening trials were conducted to find just the right tuning.

But how have these changes actually influenced the sound? In order to find out, I participated in a demo car listening trial. Here is what I found.

The demo car was a Mercedes-Benz C Class station wagon. Here is the system it was equipped with. The sound unit was a STATE MM-1D. The processor was the STATE A6. There were five P-100 power amps. The speaker system was an A-50III tweeter, A-130III mid-woofer, and A-180II sub-woofer. It was equipped with one V-50 audio regulator.

The door mid-woofers were installed in the inner buffer and deadening was very light. The car had a full system but it was installed in a very natural way with a power amp and speaker that were standard grade. In other words, it was installed like an actual system and felt familiar.

I got in the driver’s seat and the music started.

I was blown away by the sound that issued from the system at the moment it started. It was exactly what you’d expect from Bewith. The sense of the position of each sound and each sound’s sharpness was amazing. It gave the sense of an actual live performance, with each musician on stage in a different place. I could pinpoint each unique sound even down to the delicate percussion.

There was no sense that the sound was coming from speakers at all. I felt like I was in a concert hall and the sound was being produced right in front of me. The vocals and each individual instrument sounded fresh. In terms of producing sound that’s startlingly close to reality, this system is definitely among the top. And installed in a car like this, it was unbelievable.

Listening closely, I could really hear the texture well at each part of the frequency range. The low tones had depth and sustain but were also tight. The system really brings out the best in the bass tones. The mid-range is thick and the response is fast. The sound rises sharply and the rhythms were delightful and brisk. The high range was extremely delicate. Each sound was distinctly delineated.

Accurate III truly produced the highest level of quality sound that only a high-end system can offer. At this price range, it’s especially remarkable.

There can be no doubt that the Accurate III series delivers on its promises. If you’re putting together a high-end system and budget is a consideration, Accurate III is definitely something to consider. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

(Translated by Greg Scott)