2016 Automotive World technical seminar

2016 Automotive World: Changes in the design would be made as well for self-driving technology advancement, says Toyota Director Koibuchi

Toyota Control System Advanced Development Department Head Ken Koibuchi gave his speech during the technical seminar at the 2016 Automotive World on January 13. He expressed his viewpoint regarding the changes of the vehicles’ interior design in line with the advancement of self-driving technology.

Director Koibuchi mentioned regarding the vehicle that Toyota currently uses for the verification test of self-driving technology. “A sensor is mounted inside the bumper, but we are considering placing it on a bit higher location. We might install the self-driving sensor on the front part and consequently change the car’s design.”

Because aside from increasing the accuracy of a sensor that’s located in a higher position, he said, “If the sensor is located in the bumper, there’s a high possibility that we couldn’t change it altogether.”

For this reason, Director Koibuchi pointed out, “For example, the sensor can be made smaller and placed near the car’s roof, or the design of the car’s front part can also be integrated based on the sensor’s location.”

Furthermore, he mentioned, “In line with the interior, when the automation rate increases, it is highly necessary to monitor the driver’s condition, so it is very important to consider where the camera should be placed.”

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)