The all-new Auris Hybrid

Toyota reaches one million unit sales mark for hybrid vehicles in Europe

On December 2, Toyota Motor Europe announced that total sales of hybrid vehicles have reached one million units for the European market.

In December 1997, Toyota released its first-gen Prius in Japan. Around two years later, it began selling hybrid models in Europe when production of the Auris Hybrid was commenced at their UK plant in January 2010.

In 2012, Toyota established a hybrid version of the Yaris (the Vitz, in Japan), Europe’s leading hatchback. Production for the Yaris hybrid began last May in France.

Currently, Toyota’s hybrid lineup for the European market consists of the Prius, Prius+ (the Priusα, in Japan), Yaris, Auris, Camry, etc. The Lexus lineup features hybrid models for the CT, GS, IS, LS, RX, and the NX.

In 2014, approximately 20% of all Toyota vehicles produced in Europe were hybrid models. Toyota Motor Europe said, “Two-thirds of hybrid vehicles sold in Europe are produced locally.”