The first Toyota Mirai in Europe delivered to customers in the UK

Toyota delivers first Mirai in Europe to customers in the UK

On October 21, Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd. announced that it has delivered its first Mirai fuel-cell vehicle (FCV) in Europe to a couple of companies in the UK.

The first Mirai owners in the UK as well as in Europe are ITM Power and Green Tomato Cars. ITM Power is a company that specializes in high-pressure hydrogen tanks, while Green Tomato Cars is an eco-friendly taxi service established in 2006 with almost all of its 600 vehicles being hybrid models.

Toyota UK is scheduled to release 12 units of the Mirai to the British market by the end of this year. Four of them will be supplied to London’s traffic bureau. Moreover, Toyota Motor Europe will begin delivering the Mirai to customers in Germany, Denmark, and Belgium at around the same time.

Toyota Motor Europe’s President and CEO Johan van Zyl said, “Mirai and our hydrogen fuel cell technology are important elements in our mission to help create a future zero emissions society.”

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)