Nissan Leaf being recharged

Nissan to establish 2,000 EV rechargers by early 2016

Nissan Motor Company is expanding the number of EV rechargers at its domestic plants and research facilities to enhance sales of their electric vehicles (EV). Though there are currently around 100 units, Nissan plans to expand the number of rechargers at these facilities to 2,000 by early 2016.

The announcement was made at a press conference on October 20 by Ms. Asako Hoshino of Nissan’s domestic sales division. To create an EV-friendly environment for its employees, the rechargers will be installed at factories and other facilities where many workers commute by car.

There are already 2,100 dealerships in Japan with recharging devices and this initiative will expand the number even more. Nissan has undergone minor updates to the Leaf and enhanced its cruising range by around 23%. The upgraded Leaf is scheduled for released in December.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)