Image of additional EV chargers at Honda headquarters

Honda to add 120 EV chargers at US headquarters

On October 15, American Honda announced that it will add 120 electric vehicle (EV) chargers at their US headquarters in Torrance, California.

This initiative is to prepare for a new generation of plug-in hybrid (PHV) models set to be released by 2018 as well as for Honda’s employees to commute to work in electric vehicles.

The expansion will be conducted in two phases with the first phase already started. Honda anticipates that around 100 employees will be able to commute in EVs.

Honda currently has the Fit EV and the Accord PHV available in the US market. A new fuel-cell vehicle (FCV) is scheduled for release in 2016 along with new EVs and PHVs to be added by 2018.

“This expansion will make commuting in an EV a convenient option for the vast majority of Honda associates in Torrance,” said Steve Center, Vice President of American Honda’s Environmental Business Development Office and Product Regulatory Office.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)