Right turn reminder

Toyota to adopt world’s first driving support system for RVC & car-to-car communication to new units

Toyota Motor Corporation announced on September 30 that they have equipped ITS Connect, a driving support system that is applied for road-to-vehicle communications (RVC) and car-to-car communications with an exclusive ITS (intelligent transport systems) frequency of 760MHz, to cars that they will release in Japan for the next few days. It will be applied to three types of cars this year.

The ITS Connect utilizes communication devices for cars, intersection and traffic light communication devices. Cars and people that could not be captured by existing in-vehicle sensors and traffic signals can now be detected through the road-to-vehicle technology, as well as car-to-car direct communication technology. Moreover, it supports safe driving as it gives information to the driver.

In the RVC system (through DSSS), it transmits a display warning or buzzer warning for situations like directly going to the opposite lane; taking a right turn regardless of a pedestrian; continuously stepping on the accelerator pedal despite nearing the red traffic light signal; and the possibility of a driver overlooking the red traffic light signal; and when waiting to turn at the intersection lane.

As for the car-to-car communication system (through CVSS), if the car ahead of you is using radar cruise control to communicate, it quickly responds with acceleration and deceleration information, which you can acquire from the car-to-car communication system. It controls the distance and speed between cars and it materializes a smooth correspondence while driving. Moreover, when an emergency vehicle that rings its siren is within the area where you’re traveling, a buzzer will go off and it would display your direction, your distance from the emergency vehicle, and the emergency vehicle’s direction of movement.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)