Mazda Atenza (reference image)

Mazda Adaptive LED Headlights awarded the Kids Design Award

Mazda Motor Corporation announced on July 8 that the Adaptive LED, a new generation head lamp used in the CX-5 and Atenza, was awarded the 9th Kids Design Award (safety and security from children’s viewpoints; Category: General).

Mazda’s automotive technology has been awarded for two consecutive years since last year’s “Mazda Technology for Kids that was developed through children’s viewpoints” (Prime Minister Award).

The Kids Design Award is an honor system that is composed of three design philosophies: “designs to contribute to the safety and security of children,” “designs to develop the creativity and create the future of children,” and “designs to comfortably raise children.” The winning work that uses the Kids Design Mark (KD Mark) is recognized.

The development of the Adaptive LED Headlight aims to provide a visible environment where drivers can drive at ease and safely even at night. The technology was evaluated based on the idea of “Mazda Technology for Kids that was developed through children’s viewpoints.” Through this technology, children on the shoulder road and those crossing at night are easily seen because of the Wide Light Distribution Low-beam and a Glare-free (anti-glare) High-beam.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)