Nissan X-Trail Hybrid

Nissan X-Trail Hybrid Launch: X-Trail Hybrid to use Hitachi lithium-ion battery packs

Hitachi Automotive Systems announced that Nissan will use its high output lithium-ion battery pack for the X-Trail Hybrid, which it released in May.

The battery pack is made up of a battery module with cylindrical battery cells and a Battery Management System (BMS). The battery cells manufactured by Hitachi are assembled into battery packs at Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas’ Kentucky plant.

Hitachi was a world pioneer in the lithium-ion business, starting its mass production of battery products in 1999. Since then, it has produced over 5,000,000 products for hybrid buses, trucks and passenger cars.

In addition, last year Hitachi integrated its design, research and development operations to establish Hitachi Vehicle Energy, allowing it to use its electronic, control and software technologies in developing more sophisticated lithium-ion batteries and systems.

(Translated by Greg Scott)