SFR-S01F, top grade model exclusive for Sonic Plus Subaru Levorg/XV/Impreza/WRX

Sonic Plus high-quality speakers released exclusively for Subaru vehicles

Sonic Design will release the SFR-S01F top grade model for the Subaru Levorg, XV, Impreza and WRX, as a new product of the Sonic Plus series, a speaker package for select models, on June 20.

The SFR-S01F is a single-unit integrated speaker system. It allows switching and equipping of genuine front/rear speakers on the Levorg (VM system), XV (GP system), Impreza Sport/G4 (GP/GJ system), and WRX (VA system). The standard and high grade model are advertised as models exclusive for Subaru vehicles. However, they will add the highest top grade model equipped with the technology and materials from Premium Line high-end speakers, for the company’s custom installation.

The SD-N77Fi type, a top grade 77mm woofer unit with an entirely new design, is introduced for the front/rear door woofer. Along with it is a recently developed network. In addition, the new unit’s performance is pushed to its fullest potential by applying an exclusive tuning on the enclosure.

Regarding the tweeter, they continued to use the AC Tweeter, an acoustic control housing integrated tweeter module, which was developed specially for the interior space of Subaru vehicles.

Sonic Plus series developed the bolt-on and coupler-on upon the condition that it does not require vehicle manufacturing during installation. It is possible to remove and re-attach these without leaving attachment marks. Sound quality could only be achieved through custom installation. Through Sonic Plus, this is now made possible.

This costs 367,200 yen.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)