Nissan e-NV200 Sport Utility Gear

Nissan donates e-NV200 Sport Utility Gear to city of Yokohama

On May 12, Nissan announced it had donated an e-NV200 Sports Utility Gear electric car to the Yokohama Physical Education Society to help support and encourage sports in Yokohama.

The e-NV200 Sport Utility Gear is a customized model based on the e-N200 aimed at active people who enjoy sports. It was chosen by attendees for first place in the eco-car category at the January Tokyo Auto Salon’s 2015 Tokyo International Custom Car Contest.

It is equipped with a number of convenient features for drivers who love sports including the electrically-powered cooler box that’s a unique feature of the e-NV200 and its basic shower. Nissan sought the ideas of people in the sports field such as members of the organizing committee of the 2015 Yokohama Marathon in March in the development of these features.

Nissan, which supported the Yokohama Marathon in March, is now offering the car for Yokohama Physical Education Society in order to further support sports in Yokohama. It plans to use it in future sporting events.

(Translated by Greg Scott)