Honda Fit EV

American Honda announces 2nd drop in Fit EV lease price to $199 per month

On March 23, American Honda announced that it plans to drop the lease price on its Fit EV.

The Fit EV is an EV based on the Fit. It has a motor that’s also used for the FCX Clarity FCV which puts out 123ps. Its rechargeable battery is a lithium ion battery with 20kWh of storage capacity. The US EPA gives it an 118MPGe energy performance rating. With one re-charge, it can drive a maximum distance of 132km.

The Fit EV is only available for lease. Starting in July 2012 in California and Oregon on the west coast, it was later expanded to Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, New York and New Jersey. The price for a local 3-year lease was $389 per month.

In May 2013, American Honda announced it was dropping the lease price. A 3-year lease fell from $389 to $259 per month, a drop of $130.

Now, American Honda is announcing a second drop in lease price from $259 to $199, a drop of $60.

It’s also introducing a new 2-year lease plan. This 2-year lease plan will be available not only to existing Fit EV owners but to new customers as well.

(Translated by Greg Scott)