Nissan e-NT400 test truck

Nissan to demonstrate service electrical truck in bicycle rental business at Chiyoda ward

Nissan Motor Corporation announced on March 16 that they will begin the demonstration experiment of the e-NT400 test truck at the Chiyokuru, a community cycle business demonstration in Chiyoda ward.

NTT DoCoMo and Chiyoda ward in Tokyo have been operating the Chiyokuru, a community cycle (cycle rental) business demonstration since October 2014. Nissan will lend its monitor vehicles of the e-NT400 test truck to Chiyokuru. DoCoMo and Chiyoda ward will use them for two months for the relocation operation of bicycles, equipped with the next-generation community cycle system, in 30 cycle ports (Circulation bases for bicycles).

The e-NT400 test truck is equipped with an Electric Vehicle (EV) system that fully utilizes the components of the Leaf, a model based on thesmall truck Atlas. They are aiming for its mass production in the future as a zero emission compact truck. Nissan is advancing for the inspection of its driving performance and recharging based on the the data obtained from this demonstration. They will also make use of this for future development.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)