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Nissan and Kanematsu to encourage longer distance EV travel in California

On March 4, Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. and Kanematsu Corporation announced that they were chosen to work with New Energy Industrial Technology and Development Organization (NEDO) for the projects encouraging longer EV travel distance in California.

The State of California actively promotes widespread use of ZEVs. For example, preferential treatment granting permission to use priority lanes for EVs and Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs). Also, auto manufacturers with in-state sales above a certain level are obliged to sell a fixed ratio of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Currently, California is the number one state at selling EVs for private use in the United States, with most cars used for city driving and shopping.

They will cooperate with the California state government in this project to successfully establish quick charger stations along freeways that connect to the northern part of the city. Together, they will will create an information service system that will guide the EV customers to the suitable quick charger station. Through this, they will demonstrate the effectiveness of this system encouraging longer EV travel distance inthe state.

Nissan will organize the entire project as a research coordinator and will conduct a preliminary survey with Kanematsu until the end of June this year. They will perform a demonstration project based on the survey results. Nissan is responsible for the installation of quick chargers and the analysis of the changes in EV mobilization. Kanematsu will offer real-time information service to EV customers and they will investigate real-time business data and industrial data related to EV and EV charging.

The purpose of the demonstration project is to provide quick chargers in California and to encourage longer EV travel distance i nthe state. By conducting a demonstration project in California, the state that ranks as number one in the sale of EV for private use, Nissan and Kanematsu will collect, analyze, and research data on EV driving patterns in California. They will then create a model to popularize and promote more extensive use of EVs in and out of the state.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)