Toyota's 3D Driving Simulator

2015 Detroit Motor Show: Toyota offers realistic 3D Driving Simulation

At this year’s Detroit Motor Show, Toyota unveiled the 3D Driving Simulation, a virtual reality simulation that allows drivers to check their concentration level while driving.

Toyota is offering the Teen Drive 365 safety program, whose major target is teenagers who lack driving experience and their parents. To go along with the program, Toyota allowed attendees to try the 3D Driving Simulation at the motor show.

The 3D Driving Simulator shows a driving scene through the headset monitor and the user can change the point of view by moving their head. Users can experience a realistic driving experience where the scene changes with every manipulation of the accelerator, brake and steering wheel, as well as offering a 360-degree view of the passenger seat and backseats.

During the simulation there are various distractions such as the passengers talking to the driver and email message alerts from a cell phone so that users can check their concentration while driving.

(Translated by Greg Scott)