The popularization of Uber ride sharing service in USA is ongoing

We’re conducting rigid, deliberate examinations on ride sharing, says Minister Ishii

At the interview after the cabinet meeting on February 2016, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Minister Keiichi mentioned regarding the ride sharing services proposed by Japan Association of New Economy (JANE). “We have to make rigid, deliberate examinations for this matter.”

Regarding increasing the practicality of private vehicles, Prime Minister Abe stated during his speech at a press conference in October 2015 that they will expand the use of private automobiles as means of tourist transportation in underpopulated areas. Acknowledging this, the Cabinet Office is currently investigating on including measures regarding transport services using private vehicles, as they revise the policies for their special district state strategies, and they are scheduled to submit a bill to the National Diet on the first week of March.

Regarding this bill, Minister Ishii mentioned, “We are considering the possibility of allowing compensated private vehicles in the local areas as means of transportation for tourists,” revealing their considerations in expanding the existing transport services.

Moreover, he also expressed considerations regarding the ride sharing services proposed by JANE. “There are many things to consider, starting from safety maintenance to end-user protection, as the brokers totally have nothing to do with service control as well as safety control.”

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)