Nissan and Ecosystem Japan to offer free solar panel system for owners of all-new Leaf

On December 19, Nissan Motor Corporation and Ecosystem Japan began their joint campaign of providing a solar panel system to customers of the all-new Leaf.

For this campaign, those who purchase the new Nissan Leaf (including current owners) and sign up for Ecosystem Japan’s Jibun Denryoku (“My Electricity”) power retail plan receive a solar panel system for their home free of charge. All installation charges will be incurred by Ecosystem Japan as it will the recover these expenses through sales of generated electricity. The plan has a 20-year term and ownership of the solar power system will be transferred to the customer upon expiry of the plan. Any maintenance fees incurred for the system during the 20 years will also be paid for by Ecosystem Japan.

In addition, for customers who recharge their Leaf with late-night electricity, Ecosystem Japan is offering its Daytime Assist Plan which offers a discount on daytime electricity from the solar panel system. Leaf owners who enroll in this plan also qualify for the EV Set Discount of 0.2 yen per kWh. Furthermore, the first 80 customers who take advantage of this campaign will receive three months of electricity free of charge.

Nissan and Ecosystem Japan, through this joint campaign, aim to realize more environmentally friendly living with the use of clean energy for the Nissan Leaf.

Written by Toshiya Kouketsu @DAYS
(Translated by Masayuki Shikata)