Orders for all-new Lexus LS reach 9,500 units in first month

On November 20, Toyota Motor Corporation announced that orders for the all-new Lexus LS for the first month, between its release date on October 19 and November 19, reached approximately 9,500 units, which is more than a 15-fold increase from its monthly target.

Of the 9,500 units, around 6,800 units were for the LS500h hybrid model and the remaining 2,700 units for the LS500 gasoline model.

The highlights of the all-new LS are its coupe silhouette made possible through a six-light cabin design, a driving-focused cockpit, and a spacious interior featuring an elegant finish and a sense of depth inspired by Japanese aesthetics. The new LS also inherits the quietness and comfort of the previous LS, and features steering responsiveness, steering stability and a comfortable driving operation rhythm that pursue an emotional driving experience. Also, Lexus’ latest active safety technologies and Lexus CoDrive advanced driving assist technology are combined together with a large head-up display (HUD) as part of Lexus Safety System +A, which notifies situations that require assistance in an intuitively easy-to-understand manner.

Written by Ryo Hirakawa
(Translated by Masayuki Shikata)