Toyota launches next-gen taxi showcasing Japanese hospitality

On October 23, Toyota Motor Corporation released its JPN Taxi, a next-generation taxi reflecting the spirit of Japanese hospitality.

The JPN Taxi was developed to offer gentleness and comfort to a wide range of people including children, the elderly, wheelchair users and foreign visitors. It features a universal design that combines innovations and improvements from the grab handles to the overall structure. These include a low 320mm flat floor, a large 720mm x 1,300mm (width x height) rear sliding door (on the left side) and a structure that enables easy access for wheelchair users.

The front end features a modern look that sustains the heritage of the Toyota Crown with a horizontal lattice motif radiator that emphasizes surface beauty. The JPN Taxi was designed so that it can be recognized as a taxi at first glance while beautifully accompanying the cityscape. It’s stylishly designed to last for generations and the exterior is decked out in indigo blue, a color that has been a symbol of Japan for ages.

The JPN Taxi also provides drivers with exceptional vision through emphasis on the placement and configuration of its pillars and fender mirrors. In terms of taxi-specific features, it offers enhanced functionality through changes to the positioning of various devices such as the navigation screen and taxi meter to allow customers to see more easily.

The JPN Taxi features a newly developed liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) hybrid system that offers 19.4km/liter of fuel economy and significant reductions in CO2 emissions for exceptional environmental and power performance. In addition, it comes standardized with loads of safety features such as Toyota Safety Sense C and six SRS airbags.

The standard grade Nagomi is priced at 3,277,800 yen while the Takumi, which comes with LED headlights, a ceiling circulator and rear seat heating system, is listed at 3,499,200 yen.

Written by Toshiya Kouketsu @DAYS
(Translated by Masayuki Shikata)