Honda to work with Venture Companies to promote hydrogen power

On October 5, Honda announced that they would be joining with several venture enterprises to work toward increasing the scope of the US’s hydrogen fuel stations.

This announcement was made to coincide with the upcoming date of October 8, which corresponds with hydrogen’s atomic weight of 1.008, in what is being called the National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day. Honda stated that it will deliver the first 450 of its clarity fuel cell powered hydrogen vehicles in an effort towards popularizing the technology.

In order to achieve this, Honda is prepared to enter into agreements with multiple venture companies. Out of those companies, one named First Element Fuel, plans to set up 12 hydrogen fuelling stations primarily in areas spanning between LA and San Francisco, with Honda planning to provide the company to the tune of around $14 million.

In addition to First Element Fuel, the company is set to work with the Hydrogen Council, Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Council, the California Fuel Cell Partnership, H2 USA among others, sharing in their vision of providing society with what it needs to make the transition over to hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Honda also announced that by the year 2030 the company plans to make 2 out of every 3 cars they produce throughout the world either a fuel cell car, a plug-in hybrid (PHV), a hybrid, or an electric vehicle.

Written by Minoru Moriwaki
(Translated by Bryce Clarke)