Toyota supplies 20 Mirai FCVs to German ridesharing service

On September 15, Toyota Motor Europe announced the supply of 20 Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles to CleverShuttle ridesharing service in Germany. CleverShuttle now owns the most number of Mirai vehicles of any company.

Established in 2014 in Hamburg, Germany, CleverShuttle provides transportation services for passengers to and from train stations. The service is arranged through an app, and as it transports multiple passengers to the same destination, CleverShuttle can offer its services for 40% less than standard taxi rates.

The service was launched in February 2016 in Munich, Leipzig and Berlin. Along with the 20 Mirais supplied to CleverShuttle, 15 additional units of Toyota’s hydrogen FCV will be provided for a total of 35.

Enak Ferlemann, Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister for Transport, stated:“We want to bring even more e-mobility to the street. Hydrogen and fuel cells provide a vital alternative and complement purely battery-powered vehicles. In recent months, the number of public hydrogen fuel stations has nearly doubled.”

Written by Minoru Moriwaki
(Translated by Masayuki Shikata)