Super Cool Taxis hit Osaka for a limited time!

There are plenty of people in Osaka trying to beat the heat(stroke) by hopping in taxis!! The Miraito Taxi Company, based in Osaka, hoping to appeal to customers looking to get around the city in comfort despite the heat, are running limited time campaign, the “Super Cool Taxi,” where inside the company’s cabs, riders will find various types of goods to help them cool down.

Super Cool Taxis include the following goods inside their cool cabs: 1. Cooling sheet on the cab’s backseats, 2. electric fans, and 3. wind chimes, helping to lower body temperature and making for a much more relaxing experience getting around the city. Furthermore, when getting into a Super Cool Taxi, if you ask the driver you can receive a cooling body sheet to help keep you even cooler. The company has also applied magnets to the Super Cool Taxis with the Japanese character for ice (氷) so that people can tell them apart from regular cabs.

Super Cool Taxis cost the same as your average cabs. However, out of all of Miraito’s 900 taxis, only 3 are Super Cool and are not available for dispatch service, meaning you’ll just have to keep an eye out and grab one yourself. Super Cool Taxis will run from August 11th to the 31st. Also, cooling body sheets are only available while supplies last.

Miraito has been working on projects that will get lots of customers thinking how great their taxis are, with Super Cool Taxis being their first foray into the project.

Written by Kei Takagi
(Translated by Bryce Clarke)