New Subaru Levorg and WRX exceed preorder expectations 2.5 times over

On August 7, Subaru announced that the new models of both the Levorg and the WRX S4 that had gone on sale one month prior on July 3 had exceeded their target number of orders for the month by 2.5 times. Subaru representatives said this was a “Tremendously promising start,” for the vehicles.

The new Levorg saw orders for 5,234 cars and had an initial target number of orders set at 2,000, the STI Sport taking up 46% of these out of all grades of the car. The new WRX S4, compared with its target of 325 units for the month, saw 947 cars ordered, 3.1 times the target amount.

The new Levorg and WRX S4 all come with the driver support system known as EyeSight Touring Assist and are the first Subarus to get these systems, moving the company’s safety standards even farther forward. Over 90% of the orders were also for the optional EyeSight Safety Plus which both provide driver assistance and improve the field of vision, meaning that the majority of those who bought the cars were looking for the best safety features money can buy.

In terms of order habits, 70.7% of preorders for the Levorg were for the 1.6 liter, 29.3% for the 2.0 liter; the best selling of the 1.6 liters was the 1.6STI Sport EyeSight at 24.9% with the 1.6GT-S EyeSight coming in a close second at 24.6%. The 2.0 liter saw 21.4% of models being the 2.0STI Sport EyeSight, with the most popular color being Crystal White Pearl at 32.5%.

The new WRX S4 had 75.1% of its preorders for the 2.0GT-S EyeSight, and the remaining 24.9% for the 2.0GT EyeSight. With the WRX, again the most popular color was Crystal White Pearl at 39.2% of preorders.

Written by Kei Takagi
(Translated by Bryce Clarke)