Mazda to restore first-gen MX-5

On August 4, Mazda Motor Corporation officially announced its restoration service for the first-generation NA MX-5.

The establishment of this service began last July when chief designer Masashi Nakayama announced the start of discussions on this topic. Mazda decided to launch this service, which consists of the restoration business and parts re-supply, to able customers to continue driving Mazda vehicles for as long as possible.

The restoration business, in which Mazda refurbishes the MX-5 to its original condition as much as possible, will begin taking orders this year and is scheduled to commence services in early 2018. Through direct consultations with the owners, Mazda will cater its services to the condition and needs of each vehicle. Mazda’s facility where the restorations will be conducted is scheduled to obtain classic car garage certification from TÜV Rheinland Japan Co., Ltd. Through such means, Mazda aims to restore the MX-5 to top quality for its owners.

As for the parts re-supply, Mazda will reproduce some parts for the first-gen MX-5 and commence sales early next year. The parts will be assembled to resemble its original state and will feature the vinyl soft top and designs that mirror those of the first-ever MX-5. The SF325 (185/60R14) Bridgestone tires, Nardi wood steering wheel and shift knob will all be refurbished using existing technology. Mazda will provide other parts as well through consultation with the owners.

Mazda will work to provide owners with even more fulfillment and become a special link between the owners and their vehicles through its restoration business and parts re-supply.

Written by Toshiya Kouketsu @DAYS
(Translated by Masayuki Shikata)