Subaru worldwide production sets new record for 1st half of 2017

On July 28, Subaru announced their worldwide production, domestic Japanese sales, and (preliminary) export numbers for June as well as for the first half of 2017.

– The company set a new record for June production numbers with a 12.3% increase reaching 98,600 units

With a 12.3% increase to 98,600 units produced, June marked the 11th consecutive month that Subaru’s worldwide production figures saw and increase. Domestic production went up by 0.1% at 64,798 units, and though this is quite a small bump, this marks the 3rd month that Japanese production continued to rise. Two models, the Impreza and XV for Japan and the Forester for the North American markets were particularly popular, which helped to cover for the decrease in North American Impreza production due to it moving to the US. Foreign Impreza production, which started in November of last year also contributed to the increase, with a 46.6% rise to 33,802 units, marking the 13th month of growth. Both domestic and foreign production levels were record setters for June.

Domestic sales saw a 39.6% increase at 16,093 units, the 9th month of consecutive growth for the company. Cars such as the new Impreza and XV were quite popular, selling 13,140 units at a 48.1% increase, setting  new record for June and marking the 6th consecutive month of growth. As for light vehicles, the Chiffon contributed to the brand’s increasing figures, hitting 11.1% growth at 2,953 units and ushering in the 2nd month of rising figures.

The best export that the company had was the Forester, targeted at North America, but due a switch in models with the Levorg/WRX and Impreza production shifting over to North America, exports went down by 5% at 48,444 units, the 6th consecutive month of decline.

– Domestic car sales for 1st half of 2017 set a new record for the first time in 20 years

Production rates for the first half of 2017 saw a 12.6% increase to 556,056 units, marking the 6th month of consecutive growth and setting a new record for the company.

Due to the Impreza for the North American market shifting production over to the US, there was a 2.8% drop to 353,756 units, marking the first decline in 6 years, but foreign production, thanks to Subaru’s starting to be produced on old Camry production lines and the Impreza switching over to foreign production, saw a 55.9% increase to 203,000 units, marking the 3rd consecutive year of growth and setting a new record for the company.

Domestic sales rose by 20.9% to 95,999 units, exceeding the figures for the same quarter the previous year for the first time in two years. Cars saw a large 25.2% increase to 77,910, a big leap that hadn’t been seen in two years. These figures were the biggest since the records set 20 years ago back in 1997. Light weight vehicles saw a 5.5% increase to 18,089 units, marking the first time in five years that these figures exceeded those from the previous year during the same period.

In terms of exports, due to the company shifting Impreza prodution for North America over to the US, they dropped by 8.2% to 265,681 units, the first time numbers didn’t hit the same ones they did as during the previous year in six years.

Written by Toshiya Kouketsu @DAYS
(Translated by Bryce Clarke)