Mitsubishi Motors announces recycling results for fiscal 2016

On June 7, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation announced its results of end-of-life vehicle recycling for fiscal 2016 (April 2016 to March 2017) in accordance with automotive recycling laws.

According to these results, 36,703 tons of automobile shredder residue (ASR) were processed from 240,549 accepted vehicles, of which 35,883 tons were recycled. The recycling rate was 97.8%, which satisfied the 70% statutory standard for fiscal 2016.

Mitsubishi Motors processed 489,472 airbags from 161,869 accepted vehicles and the recycling rate was 93.5%, which satisfied the 85% statutory standard. Mitsubishi also conducted proper processing of fluorocarbons, processing 52,366kg from 211,600 accepted vehicles.

The cost of recycling, etc., was 1,907,760,000 yen. With total reimbursed deposits of 2,231,340,000 yen, overall revenue and expenditure was in the black with 323,580,000 yen. From fiscal 2004, total revenue and expenditure has reached a surplus of 1,774,590,000 yen. Mitsubishi Motors aims to cut its recycling costs for new vehicles hereafter by continuing to reduce its recycling/processing costs.

Written by Toshiya Kouketsu @ Days
(Translated by Masayuki Shikata)