Nissan Note sales break 100,000 largely due to addition of e-POWER

As of June 6, sales of the Nissan Note compact have reached a total of 100,000 in the seven months since its minor changes last November. It has set a record for holding the top position of best-seller in the compact segment for seven months.

Last November, the new Note received the addition of the new e-POWER electric power train, which made it the top-selling non-kei car in November, January and March. In March, in particular, it reached a total of 24,383 units sold, which set a new record even including previous Note models. Its total sales in the last seven months total 100,797 units.

The Note’s e-POWER system offers the powerful and smooth acceleration and excellent noise reduction expected of 100% motor driving in all driving situations, including long-distance driving, heavy traffic conditions, and city streets where the car must stop often for streetlights. It has played a major part in the Note’s favorable sales.

Written by Toshiya Kouketsu @ Days
(Translated by Greg Scott)