Brexit Effect: Rolls Royce price cut by up to Rs 55 lakh

Land Rover recently revised pricing of their models in India. Now, Rolls Royce has announced a price cut. The value of the pound sterling has seen a drop post Brexit and this has allowed British car makers to export their models at cheaper rates.

In the wake of this, Rolls Royce prices have been slashed from Rs 1 lakh to up to Rs 55 lakh. The price of the Ghost has dropped by Rs 13 lakh and now costs Rs 4.37 crore, while the extended wheel base model costs Rs 4.86 crore.

The Wraith coupe now costs Rs 4.69 crore after a price revision of Rs 1 lakh. Their latest mode- the Dawn costs Rs 5.7 crore thanks to a price drop of Rs 55 lakh. Meanwhile, the prices of the Black Editions remain unchanged.

Written by Tushar Kelshikar