Maruti Suzuki Leads in India with Maximum Sales Outlets

Maruti Suzuki achieved a new milestone in the Indian automotive market with more than 2,000 sales outlets confirmed in the country. The number is the largest confirmed number till data in India.

These outlets comprise of Maruti Suzuki True Value, Nexa showrooms, and Maruti Suzuki Dealerships. The impressive gain in the number of sales outlets has nearly doubled in a period of five years. The previous recorded number of outlets being 1,100.
With over 1,634 confirmed cities covered by the Maruti Suzuki India sales outlets in the last five years (which covered 800 cities before that period), the automaker truly showed the Indian automotive market of its dynamic approach towards a diversified vehicle segment.

The company reportedly discussed its future outlet target being 4,000 by the year 2020. The numbers will literally obliterate any other competitors in the market, which might be looking forward to surpass MSI. Maruti Suzuki India’s expansion plan focuses on spreading the existing channels as well. Moreover, this will result in strengthening MSI’s manufacturing units to over 20 lakh units by the year 2020.

With the recent success of Maruti Suzuki India’s Nexa showrooms in India, the plans to expand are more significant for the carmaker. Presently, 222 Nexa premium dealership showrooms are located in 136 cities as reported in February 2017. Among the top Nexa cars, Baleno, S-Cross, Ignis have gained major attention among customers. This triggers the automotive industry to expand the outlets to 250 by the end of this financial period.

A recent report notes of the Maruti Suzuki India to feature its flagship model, Ciaz through Nexa showrooms. If this is a possibility, then we can expect more premium outlets to come in soon. What more is expected from the successful automaker? And, which new models are coming in the Indian market later this year? Stay tuned to find out more about the automaker.

Written by Jai Sabharwal