Nissan’s Chief Designer Shiro Nakamura Resigns; Infiniti Chief Alonfo Albaisa To Take His Seat?

After a successful 17-year career as NIssan’s chief designer, Shiro Nakamura finally sets to depart from his responsibilities by the end of March. The new chief designer at the carmaker company will be handled by Alonfo Albaisa who is currently appointed as the head of design at Infiniti.

Shiro Nakamura has served Nissan for more than a decade giving car lovers some of the best known car designs such as GT-R, Qashqai, Juke, Leaf, and 350Z. Nakamura has finally decided to retire at 66 years of age. Meanwhile, Alonfo Albaisa’s head of design position will be filled by Karim Habib who had served as the chief designer for BMW.

Nakamura had a splendid career with Nissan where he first joined in 1999 when introduced by Carlos Ghosn. His unexpected arrival to the Nissan family led to an impressive turnaround for the company which was on the edge of filing for bankruptcy at that time. It was Nakamura’s Qashqai model that led to the huge success for the company in a very short period.

Nakamura has always been admired by not only Nissan, but also other competitive carmakers around the world. His experience in the field has always been obliged. The retiring Nissan’s chief designer has lent his time for inspection in not only economical cars such as Datsun, but also experimental models such as Nissan’s flagship vehicle Infiniti Marque.

In addition, the Albaisa, the head designer replacing Nakamura, joined Infiniti in 2013 and later helped the company design models such as QX30 and QX50. Not to mention, he even aided in the more innovative concept cars such as the Q80.

As mentioned earlier, Albaisa’s position will be taken by Habib from BMW. Habib served BMW where the current chief designer is Jozef Kaban. Habib, who is from Canada joined the German automaker in 2012 but later quit from the job a while back. It was reportedly rumored that Habib would join Volkswagen instead, but he is now a part of Infiniti.

Written by Jai Sabharwal