70 Years of Ferrari!

Italian sports car maker Ferrari announced on March 12 that the company would be celebrating its 70th anniversary since going into business this year.

Enzo Ferrari first ignited life into the Ferrari 125S engine on March 12, 1947. Taking his name, as soon as the 125S roared to life, Ferrari was born.

The company’s history was further cemented after test drives of the maker’s cars were performed on roads around the Maranello area of Italy.

As Italy was attempting to recover from the war-torn aftermath of the second world war, Enzo thought to himself that he would like to build a race car, and he would eventually bring that dream to life in a small factory, building a company that over the years would become a worldwide representative of Italian design.

This year, in celebration of the company’s 70th anniversary, Ferrari has released an image over the internet. The picture is of the 125S sitting next to a LaFerrari Aperta model, made in commemoration of the company’s 70th anniversary.

Written by Minoru Moriwaki

(Translated by Bryce Clarke)