VW to introduce 60 new models

Volkswagen, Europe’s largest automaker, announced that they plan to make a big effort into building new models in 2017.

Volkswagen announced these plans at their 2016 financial report held at the end of February. A Volkswagen representative commented that “In 2017 we plan on introducing 60 new models.”

The figure of 60 new models includes improved and redesigned models as well. Still, introducing 60 new models worldwide can be said to be proactive compared to regular years for the company.

The Volkswagen Group has announced the names of part of these 60 models. New models coming out under the Volkswagen brand include the Polo and Touareg.

As for Audi, the new A8 is on standby, while under the Škoda brand the Yeti, the Seat Ibiza, the Porsche Cayenne, and the Bentley Continental GT are all planned to debut this year.

Written by Minoru Moriwaki

(Translated by Bryce Clarke)