Isuzu acquires GM of East Africa as subsidiary, plans to improve local services

On Feburary 28, Isuzu and GM annouced that they had both agreed to contribute funds to GM East Africa (GMEA) in order to bolster Isuzu production and sales in the region that has seen a significant amount of economic growth in recent years.

Over 40 years have passed since GMEA was established in 1975, and the company has been engaged in the production and sales of Isuzu brand small and midsize trucks and busses as well as importing Isuzu pickup trucks and other Chevrolet vehicles in Nairobi, Kenya. For the past five years since 2012, the company has maintained its position at the top of the Kenyan market.

With this agreement, Isuzu has qcauired 57.7% of GMEA stocks from GM and has made it a subsidiary of Isuzu. Furthermore, along with this acquisition, from April of this year, GMEA will have its name changed, the current candidate being Isuzu East Africa.

According to Isuzu representatives, “With this investment, we are hoping to improve our product and expand our market through Isuzu technology, providing workers with a good learning environment and place to grow as employees. We are also working to improve our after market structure in East Africa as well.”

Written by Minoru Moriwaki

(Translated by Bryce Clarke)