Subaru sets global production record, hitting 1 million for the first time

On 30 January, Subaru (Fuji Heavy Industries) announced their figures for production, domestic Japanese sales, and exports for all of 2016.

New worldwide production record for December: 15.9% increase to 87,106 units

Having produced 87,106 units, a 15.9% increase compared with the same month the previous year, December signalled the 5th consecutive month that the company had set a production record and also set a record for December production numbers.

As for Japanese production, the company primarily focused on increasing numbers for the Forester, which hit the 2nd consecutive month of increased production compared with the year, this time by 4.2% at 59,928 units produced. In terms of production outside the maker’s homeland, beginning production of the Impreza on former Camry production lines certainly contributed to a dramatic rise, 54% to be precise, this marking the 7th consecutive month of higher output with 27,178 units produced. All in all, December saw a record increase in production both in Subaru’s native Japan as well as around the world for that month in particular.

Japanese sales also increased, albeit slightly at 1.1%, to 13,205 units, the 3rd month of growth for the company. Large scale vehicles saw a slight sales decrease of 2.4% at 10,269 units, making the first time sales had fallen in that market in the past 3 months. While sales rose for the Levorg and Impreza, they dropped for the Legacy and Forester. Spurned on by the December release of the company’s Chiffon, kei-cars saw a 15.4% rise in sales compared with December of last year, hitting 2,936 units sold, marking the first time in 4 months that sales have been on the rise.

A 7.5% drop to 49,421 units exported marked the 2nd month that this trend had continued, though apparently shipping schedules for North American exports also factored into these figures.

Worldwide production and exports figures continue to set records for 5th year in a row

Worldwide units produced in 2016 saw a 9.2% increase to 1,024,604 units, marking both a record number for the 5th consecutive year as well as the first time Subaru had produced over 1 million vehicles in a year.

The Forester saw the largest amount of growth when looking at domestic Japanese production. Subaru’s production continued to outdo itself over the course of the year, seeing a 2.5% increase to 727,741 units for the 5th consecutive year of increased figures. Foreign production also thrived, hitting a 29.7% to 296,863, thanks to Subaru vehicles starting to be made on former Camry production lines, marking the 3rd year of increased production for the company overseas. Both these figures combined to set a new record for the company in terms of both domestic and foreign production.

Domestic sales however saw a slight fall by 4% at 155,780 units sold, the 3rd consecutive year to see decreasing numbers. Larger vehicles, hindered by supply constrains, also saw a decrease of 1.6% down to 121,990 units, though actual orders for these models surpassed their 2015 counterpart figures. While there was a new kei-car, the Chiffon, released in December, the fall among these models can mostly be attributed to the Stella, the kei-car market seeing an 11.7% decrease to 33,790 units sold, marking the 10th consecutive month of lowered sales for Subaru.

Exports on the other hand saw a 2.8% increase at 582,708 units, marking the 5th consecutive year that the company has set a record for exports. The primary destination of these happened to be Australia.

Written by Toshiya Hanabusa

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]